My Swing Philosophy: I believe there is no one correct way to swing the club. I think that there are an infinite number of ways to swing the club. I do believe there is one efficient way for all golfers to swing a club and that is based on what they can physically do. I put my students through a hexagonal approach to improving their game. This allows me to asses a total picture of their body, swing and equipment. From this assessment, I can optimize performance and improve all areas of your golf game. The Golf Hexagon is:

  1. Basic Instruction: Analysis of grip, stance, posture, alignment, swing fundamentals and impact conditions.
  2. Shot Making Skills: Short game, shots inside 100 yards, recovery shots, specialty shots, trajectory control and ball curvature.
  3. Course Management: Thought processes on different shots and holes. Game plan for a round, risk / reward ratios and on course nutrition.
  4. Mental and Physical: Seeing what the player can do physically by using a golf specific physical assessment and prescribing relevant stretches and exercises that allow the player to make a more efficient swing. Dealing with stress on the course and positive self talk through the round.
  5. Equipment: Proper set make up, making sure clubs are properly fit to players’ specs and swing type.